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Tatiana Maslany liked our photo and I’m in shock

Fans + TatMas owning social, as usual. 

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self portrait. 

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this is the best omegle conversation i’ve had so far


this is the best omegle conversation i’ve had so far

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#1 party track

yo honestly this song is so fucking sick like with the landing spaceship in the beginning are you fucking joking this song is actually out of control amazing

this movie came out 15 years ago oh my god 

no it didn’t this song is from the future

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It’s Avocado Season


Reblogging to make this point…

Views on original YouTube video:

Notes on Tumblr post:

Which means that the Tumblr in-dash views are probably exponentially higher.

Update: the tumblr notes for this post are up to:


While the YouTube video:


mememolly has a great rule for shooting web video: compose your shot so that it’ll make a great gif. 

If a meme (meaning an ‘idea’) lends itself to translation from one format (YouTube video) to another (Tumblr gif, reddit image macro) it increases its range of possible host platforms.

The more commonly accepted formats there are on a platform, the greater the range of possible memes + expressions.

It’s why I’m ultimately bullish on Vine as “Twitter video” and why I love the rise of the “viral” text post on tumblr. Both widen the paradigm of possible commonly accepted expression within communities.

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The cross-platform travels of a viral tweet - from Twitter to Imgur, Tumblr & Facebook

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orphan black ladies + tank tops appreciation post

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